Kiss Animals Good Night, Not Goodbye

Jill Anenberg

I sit here sandwiched between my two favorite friends writing this post. They’re my rescue dogs, Simon and Mila.  Growing up with dogs, cats, birds, rats, snakes, fish…I’ve always been obsessed with all animals but the unconditional love of a dog is unrivaled. I joke to my husband that they’re my favorite company. All a dog wants is to be with you, love you and make you happy. They don’t talk too much or annoy you.

Weeks after getting married we walked by a sidewalk adoption and wanted to just say hi and kiss the dogs. Within minutes of meeting Simon and his ridiculously outgoing personality and tail-wagging to match, we had an “unplanned adoption.”  Forgetting to take my puppy birth control that day we added one more furry pup to the family.


Simon immediately befriended our rescue kitten Guiseppi and spent the next few months rough housing with the cat and of course getting nuzzles 😉 Whoever said pits are unsafe dogs should be attacked by their kisses and realize their perception is completely skewed from bad press. Any dog breed that’s raised in an abusive environment has the potential to be aggressive. Pits are resilient even after being rescued from these horrendous conditions and are still forgiving loving pups. Another kind trait we should learn from dogs. Back in the day Pitbull’s were nanny dogs because they are so gentle and friendly with children.

Jill's cat and dog

I volunteer with Wags and Walks at their Adoption Events. They’re an amazing company and I love their sassy founder Lesley Brog. She’s a huge dog advocate and constantly rescuing a variety of dogs and litters of puppies. There are so many wonderful dogs in the shelters costing only the amount of spay/neuter. It’s sad to me that people pay thousands of dollars for a designer dog that doesn’t always come out perfect and still sheds and shits. A shelter animal just knows you saved its life and spends the rest of his life loving you so much for it.

Another incredible organization I discovered is Operation Blankets of Love.  Eileen Smulson created one hell of a foundation donating comfort and care items to shelters, rescue groups and pets of the homeless. They also host fundraisers, adoption events and so much more. They make it very easy to donate with hundreds of drop off locations to bring blankets, dog beds, toys, food and anything that would make a rescue animal more comfortable while waiting to be adopted.  Go through your closets today and you’ll realize how much crap you have that’s just sitting on a shelf when it could be keeping a shelter dog warm instead of sleeping on a concrete floor. It’s sad, but the truth. Spring clean as soon as you’re done reading this and drop off at a location closest to you:

Jill with dog

As a Holistic Health Coach I truly know the importance of what you put in your body and how that affects the health of your bodily functions, mind and environment. I personally eat a Pescetarian diet and focus on plant based foods. We are so concerned finding a quick fix yet so many people complain of weight gain, constipation and global warming. My motto is eat green, go brown. LOL. Animals raised for food are horribly mistreated. Factory farms are abusing your dinner, loading them up on unsafe hormones, antibiotics and feeding them genetically modified grain based diets that lead to an abundance of pesticides absorbed back into our crops, water and air. It takes thousands of gallons more water to provide meat while vegetables use a measly couple hundred.

One of the best things we can do to preserve our air quality, reduce the drought and stop cutting down the precious rainforest is to eat less animal products. I totally get it if you need your meat, but you also need an environment to live to be able to eat in general, so just make smart choices when buying your dinner items 🙂 Improve your health and length of your life and the animals that deserve to live a happy life too.

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Written by Jill Anenberg

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