How We’re Standing Against and Spreading the Truth about SeaWorld


SeaWorld opened in 1964. The intention behind the park was marine-orientated family entertainment and it did well with over 400,000 guests visiting in the first twelve months. It began with a few dolphins and sea lions. But, they wanted more. To expand their park’s entertainment value they captured a few more species, including a killer whale, to add to their shows. Once this happened, pennies literally fell into their laps. They’d hit the jackpot. Their intention from the start was certainly not to serve as a rehabilitation, conservation or educational facility. This information is documented widely, not hearsay. The marine show project rendered unbelievable profit, and so they continued. It wasn’t until later in the sixties, when animal activists began to oppose capture and captivity, that they changed their model to introduce a ‘rescue and rehabilitation’ theme.

Having facilities and taking advantage of loose rules regarding marine conservation at the time, they easily received permits for the animals they captured. The permits granted were meant to satisfy the general public. The new ‘conservation/rehabilitation’ theme was meant to elude visitors into believing they had heart not just grabbing hands. It was nothing other than a marketing tactic, a ‘let them eat cake’ gesture aimed at silencing activists who wanted nothing more than for the truth behind the park to be revealed on a wide scale.

Fortunately, since the first anti-cap movement began in the late sixties, it hasn’t stopped. And it won’t be silenced… until SeaWorld admits their crime and does what hundreds of animal welfare professionals and lovers believe is the right thing to do: release their orcas and other sea mammals to sea pens, and refrain from their artificial insemination program which is nothing short of their way of creating more suffering for sea mammals around the world.


Enter Blackfish

After Blackfish enlightened the world of the reality behind captivity and the controversy over captive killer whales kept at SeaWorld, Anonymous Animal Rights Division released ‘Operation SeaWorld’ in hope of providing the public with urgent, truthful information which SeaWorld and associated marine parks withhold.

The intention behind OpSeaWorld is to make public SeaWorld’s history of secretive abuse, cleverly formulated untruths, cheap and misdirected marketing tactics employed by the Blue-Chip company which focus on the manipulation of human emotion, and their continuing attempt to profit from the cruelty that is signature of the Captive Cetacean Industry.

Every piece of information used by Operation Seaworld has been researched thoroughly by Anonymous, dissected and then converted to bite-size ‘chunks’ of information and images. The Op itself included custom-made images and 1604 tweets (still growing) in six languages, all aimed at educating the world with facts that SeaWorld have, up until now, managed to keep well-hidden.


We as OpSeaWorld are an ever-growing team of committed activists who regularly make use of social platforms, which are the best way to reach the public, to reveal truths to the masses. Together we take part in Twitter storms with huge success, and have been known to reach 130K tweets in a single weekend. On Twitter alone, daily tweets often average at 3K per day due to our continuous efforts to reach new people in hope that they’ll read the facts (each one true and supported by anti-cap marine professionals around the globe) and thereafter decide for themselves.

Recently OpSeaWorld has faced issues with certain platforms. We have been censored, marked for spam, blocked on numerous occasions and labelled ‘extremists’ and ‘terrorists’ not to be believed. We urge those who are attempting to silence us to provide valid evidence against ours.

We at OpSeaWorld believe that SeaWorld must change their structure. We want to see their breeding program come to an end. We want to their shows (possible only due to a method of training known as ‘food deprivation’) come to an end. But mostly, we want to see the orcas and other sea mammals relocated to sea pens, an option which is 100% viable with a bay already mapped out, or rehabilitated and released to their natural breeding grounds where possible. We as OpSeaWorld will not stop our campaign until all of the above has been achieved.

For more information contact @h0t_p0ppy

Written by Amber Stone

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