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The Day I Decided to Write a Vegan Children’s Book

Maritza Oliver

I have always considered myself a good person with good values and a strong sense of justice. I grew up in Lima, Peru with four sisters and two brothers, and a mother who raised us on her own and did the best she could helping us grow up healthy, caring, and responsible. Continue reading

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Former Farmer: Turning Vegan Changed My World

Chris Mills

I was born and raised in Prince Edward County, which is an island on the north part of Lake Ontario just south of Belleville, Ontario.  Continue reading

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Best Books For Animal Rights Activists

animal rights books

Knowledge is power, they say. In order to be a powerful animal rights activist, you need the ultimate source of knowledge: books! Continue reading

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Go For Glow and Transform Your Life


Today, I have been a vegan for 48 months or since 2011 I have saved 808 animals; 780 lbs of meat I didn’t eat; 6, 435 lbs of CO2 not released into the atmosphere and so much more and that’s just me. I measured this on the vegetarian calculator. Continue reading

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Buying and Releasing Live Crabs


One of the joys of my life is going to the local wharf every week to buy and release live crabs. Before I let them go, I talk to them and explain where we are and that I am releasing them into the ocean.

Continue reading

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How We’re Standing Against and Spreading the Truth about SeaWorld


SeaWorld opened in 1964. The intention behind the park was marine-orientated family entertainment and it did well with over 400,000 guests visiting in the first twelve months. It began with a few dolphins and sea lions. But, they wanted more. To expand their park’s entertainment value they captured a few more species, including a killer whale, to add to their shows. Once this happened, pennies literally fell into their laps. They’d hit the jackpot. Continue reading

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Kiss Animals Good Night, Not Goodbye

Jill Anenberg

I sit here sandwiched between my two favorite friends writing this post. They’re my rescue dogs, Simon and Mila.  Growing up with dogs, cats, birds, rats, snakes, fish…I’ve always been obsessed with all animals but the unconditional love of a dog is unrivaled. I joke to my husband that they’re my favorite company. All a dog wants is to be with you, love you and make you happy. They don’t talk too much or annoy you. Continue reading

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Wielding My Voice: Writing for Animals

Daria Zeoli

I’m an introvert. I find people exhausting. I avoid crowds unless they’re gathered for the love of music or animals. I roll my eyes, talk with my hands, and use frequent phrases such as “I can’t even” – because I can’t. (Fill in the blank: “even evocate what I want to say, even communicate in a positive, rational way, even tell you what I mean without picking up a writing instrument.”) Continue reading

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My Life Changing Experience in Africa

Naankuse wildlife sanctuary

When I was little you could often find me in front of the TV watching whatever animal documentary I could find that day. I’ve always been fascinated by animals and especially the animals living in the savannah. It’s been a dream to go to Africa and experience that. A dream I never thought would come true until I saw a facebook friend posting a picture of her and a cheetah. Continue reading

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The Day I Read About Esther the Wonder Pig

Esther the Wonder Pig

I have always considered myself a good person with good values and a warm heart. I grew up in a loving home with two brothers, a twin sister and two parents who love us very much and did a great job helping us grow up into good human beings. I love my family more than anything in this world. It wasn’t until February of 2014 that my values were questioned. Continue reading

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