Hero of the Day: Marlice Van Vuuren, Founder of N/a’anku se

Marlice Van Vuuren

My life with animals began at a young age, having grown up on my family’s farm and wildlife sanctuary in the east of Namibia. The lions and baboons were my best friends as a child, and the San Bushmen people were my playmates. Continue reading

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Watching Earthlings Changed My Life

PETA fur protest

I have always been an animal lover. Unfortunately my parents never allowed me the pleasure of having one as a pet. My mom disliked all animals. The day I moved out I rescued a cat. Forty years later and the rescuing still hasn’t ended. Continue reading

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This is Your World

There’s this energy in the world that only our possessions can make us happy. But, the truth is, material things only bring moments of joy, not happiness. I’ve always believed that if you give out positive energy, you’ll attract positive energy, like a force. For nearly three years, I’ve been cultivating my inner peace and happiness by helping others. Animals. Continue reading

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