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How We’re Standing Against and Spreading the Truth about SeaWorld


SeaWorld opened in 1964. The intention behind the park was marine-orientated family entertainment and it did well with over 400,000 guests visiting in the first twelve months. It began with a few dolphins and sea lions. But, they wanted more. To expand their park’s entertainment value they captured a few more species, including a killer whale, to add to their shows. Once this happened, pennies literally fell into their laps. They’d hit the jackpot. Continue reading

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My Life Changing Experience in Africa

Naankuse wildlife sanctuary

When I was little you could often find me in front of the TV watching whatever animal documentary I could find that day. I’ve always been fascinated by animals and especially the animals living in the savannah. It’s been a dream to go to Africa and experience that. A dream I never thought would come true until I saw a facebook friend posting a picture of her and a cheetah. Continue reading

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